By: TaxJ

I think I have touched all your concerns in my letters to Senators and opinion writers. Briefly, let me pass on them. Re purse: as with the LGC and ARRM, isn’t release supposed to be automatic and mandatory. It’s a matter of law-enforcement!

1. Cause the speedy development of the entire country by unleashing the forces of competitiveness among the States; and,

This is hogwash. State operations is yet to be drawn. At most it would go through a experimental stage. Cities and provinces are operational. Its weaknesses are identifiable and can be remedied at once.

2. Dissipate the causes of rebellion in the country and particularly in Mindanao.

The contrary will happen. States will foment inter-tribal and religious rivalry. At the provincial level tribes and Christian settlers generally get along well with each other. It is easier to deal with the problem at this level. This is provided for under RA 8371 which would issue AD titles to actual, not historical, occupants. Seldom will you find inter-ethnic/cultural conflict within the confines of a province.

3. Congress will not part with its largess. Precisely. This is why my idea calls for a revolution, no less. This is not a band aid solution, but a lasting one.